Monday, March 22, 2010

A Trip To The Fair

Although Boston does not have the exact equivalent of New York’s Armory Show, we do have a fantastic fair duo coming up. The Boston Print Fair is paired up with the art and design show AD 20/21, and will be showing in Boston at the BCA Cyclorama on April 8-11, 2010. Consider attending the Gala Preview, its for a good cause - benefiting the Boston Architectural College. When you are there looking for the affordable way to be "livable and stylish", watch for artist Louise Weinberg’s work at Booth #29, then see her “Spheres Series – Emerging” at NKG in May 2010. (pictured is Spheres Series – Emerging #6 2009, oil on canvas, 18"x18", image courtesy of the artist)

And in keeping with the plan to have Boston become a more lively art scene, we clearly need something with a touch of humor - like the Art Handlers Olympics glorified in “Ready, Set Hang: The Heavy Lifting In On”! Boston certainly has its own share of underpaid art handlers, and art grad students paying off loans too…

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